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Weather Station Updates


Total revamp of the website -- it looks mostly the same, but is built on completely different infrastructure. We are still working on getting some of the data feeds hooked up, but AWON, HYD, insolation, and ET should all be working.


Arlington station lost its datalogger program sometime on 25th June. The program has been restored, and the station appears to be working normally again. (14:35 CDT)


Hancock is still not picking up the phone when called from the UW campus; however, when called from a staffer's home, it works fine. We're going with that until we can get a permanent fix installed (probably a cellular data modem to completely obviate the landline).


What's Wrong With Hancock?\r\n\r\nWe have been having a great deal of difficulty with the phone connection to the Hancock automated weather station. Yesterday we got it answering the phone locally, but the modem still won't connect from Madison. We're still working with the phone company on it; until we resolve the issue, we'll continue to drive to the HAN ARS every week or so and manually download the data. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Arlington's phone line is fixed. Good to go henceforth.


The Arlington weather station's telephone connection got taken out by a mower. Current data have been downloaded, but it will not be updated again until we can get the phone line fixed (or drive out there again).


The Arlington station does not respond by phone; it may have been knocked offline by a lightning strike. We'll be out to fix it today (Tuesday) or tomorrow.