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Estimated ET for Wisconsin and Minnesota

Our evapotranspiration model uses atmospheric observations from ASOS stations and satellite-derived insolation estimates to predict water use by plants

Estimated ET for Wisconsin and Minnesota

NOTE: This product is no longer funded!

We're sorry to report that the funding for this product was lost in the last round of UW budget cuts. The site admin kept it running for over a year, but something on the server finally broke, and there are no resources to fix it.

The good news is that a replacement product is available. The new team adopted some more-robust National Weather Service climate data that should actually provide a superior product. They do not yet have an email service working, but they're bringing that up as fast as they can.

Thank you for your years of support and your commitment to responsible water usage. It has been a pleasure serving you.

ET Time Series

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Yesterday's ET Estimates

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