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Corn-Specific Thermal Models

Growth and development for corn and its pests are keyed to temperature. By calculating the history of daily temperatures over a season, we can predict pest emergence, crop development, and other events of keen interest in agriculture.


We're sorry to note that these products were defunded in April of 2015; they continued working for over a year, but as of Mid-June the old servers finally gave up. The team at agweather.cals.wisc.edu is working to restore as many of them as they can, but their funding is limited too. Check back on their site to see what they've got working. It has been a pleasure serving you.

Degree-day plot

Corn Development

Predicts corn plant development from our thermal model, with a map and predicted dates for biofixes


European Corn Borer


Alfalfa Weevil Larvae

Stalk Borer


Seedcorn Maggot

Seedcorn Maggot